The Cranberry Saucer

the saucer for cranberry sauce


Growing up, as with many of us, jellied cranberry sauce was a holiday tradition. My grandmother served it  My mom served it.  I loved it. For me, Thanksgiving just wasn't Thanksgiving without it. 

As an adult, I realized what hurdles loving jellied cranberry sauce would bring. For one, people would often make fun of me for having to have it. Because I would go so far as to bring my own can if I heard our host would be making the "real stuff". (Don't kid yourself. I noticed which cranberry sauce got eaten the fastest!) In addition, there was always the conundrum of how to display it.  On a plate, where it might slide off?  In a cereal bowl, where it would slosh around?

To put an end to the numerous dilemmas, I created the Cranberry Saucer - a dish designed specifically for jellied cranberry sauce.  In addition to providing a beautiful setting for your sauce, it's unique patented design holds the sauce in place. It is just the right size for most jellied sauces, with a beautifully embossed rim designed to look like real cranberries. It comes in cranberry sauce red and china white.  At the Cranberry Saucer Company, we guarantee the embarrassment you might have felt serving jellied cranberry sauce in years past will stay in the past. 

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