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We are up and running!!

The story has begun. It actually began years and years ago when a large group of us - all twenty-something friends who couldn't afford to go home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas - were spending Thanksgiving together. We laughed and laughed at the ridiculous sound that the jellied cranberry sauce made when coming out of the can. (Remember, we were twenty-somethings and had probably had a few beers). Anyway, we just didn't know how to serve the cranberry sauce. I distinctly remember posing for a picture with one friend who had made a delicious homemade cranberry sauce - her beautiful creation sitting nicely in a serving dish and my cranberry sauce sitting lonely in a round bowl.

It was after that Thanksgiving that I started thinking there should be something nice made with which to serve this can of cranberry goodness. I talked about it with my husband and he agreed. I looked online and couldn't find anything. I was surprised no one had thought of this before. At one point, we came up with the name for it - the Cranberry Saucer! I did some half-hearted research to find out how to make dishware. But, at that time in my life, it was just a bit much and I had a lot going on. So the idea was put on hold.

Fast forward about 20 years and two kids later. With kids approaching college years, I thought to myself that maybe we should consider giving this a go. More google searches and I see that still no one had come up with something similar. So after months of research and planning and organizing and trademark/patent lawyer discussions, our shipment of Cranberry Saucers finally arrived on our doorstep! And they are ready to ship to you!

It was with both a little nervousness and excitement that I hit that Wix.com "Publish" button. I'm excited to see where this venture takes us. If you've ever felt like I did when serving jellied cranberry sauce, this is the place for you. (Oh - and also - these dishes hold homemade cranberry sauce just as nicely!)