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Pre Thanksgiving Holiday Shows

Hi everyone,

We have just wrapped up the second of our first two holiday shows EVER! What an exciting time. Our first show was the Grandmother's House Boutique in Centennial, Colorado from November 6-10. (Yep! FIVE DAYS!) Our second was the Rue de Noel, November 16-17. I was lucky enough to have Dave come along with me for a few of the days. We learned so much and had a really great time meeting people and showing them our product.

I have to admit I was a little nervous that first day. It was my very first time doing a trade show of any nature and I was introducing a product that I had created in my head so many years ago. I think it's amazing and I was nervous to hear how people would respond. Would they scoff at it? Would they laugh? Would they purchase them by the dozens?? Who knows? By and large, I'm not one to worry too much if people want to be negative, but still, it was a little intimidating.

Over the course of the shows, we had so much positive feedback. Whether people liked jellied cranberry sauce or not, they often commented on what a clever idea it was. I think perhaps 100 different people told us we should be on Shark Tank. There were times, however, when we'd meet a person who would spew negativity everywhere they went. It was unreal when you came across one of these people. One lady told us that she felt sorry for people who would actually eat jellied cranberry sauce and that she couldn't fathom that there was even a market for making "that crap" look good! I mean really. Ever hear the saying "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all"? In turn, we ended up feeling sorry for her. Move on, this booth isn't for you... But then, we'd have our very favorite moments when someone would come along who really got it. You'd see them see our booth, take it in, read the sign, and their face would light up. They'd have stories of going to their nephew's house and just HAVING to bring their jellied can of cranberry goodness in one of our saucers! Those were our peeps! And I can't wait for them to use their saucers this coming Thanksgiving!

I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your saucers! Take a picture of you with your saucer and post it on Facebook or Twitter with a #cranberrysaucer! We want to see our Cranberry Saucer Family!!